Press on with pride. Press on with purpose

28th of August... A sad day for the whole world, not just for the marvel fans and of course his family. King T'Challa or else Chadwick Boseman sadly passed away and so Black Panther but his legacy will live on forever. He took that role to the grave and rightly so.
Black Panther wasn't the best marvel movie but it also wasn't just a political correct movie with a black cast like many suggest.
Chadwick Boseman portrayed the FIRST BLACK superhero in this huge franchise. Imagine what that means. And this wasn't his first big role. We saw him portraying the great Jackie Robinson, the amazing James Brown and the list goes on. He left so early but he made such a big difference with his life. Because his role as King T'Challa inspired millions of people like myself and especially young black kids who could finally identify themselves with a superhero as I did with Spiderman when I was little. And damn...that only is iconic.
The phrase '' WAKANDA FOREVER'' became a trend all over the world. Yeah Chadwick Boseman wasn't like Martin Luther King or Malcolm X, two big characters and pioneers for their work in the black community... for some also heroes but you know what Chadwick was an actual superhero. And he fought like a king the biggest villain of them all for 4 years. Nobody knew except his family and that makes it even more painful to hear, however it's a sad reality because you never truly know what the people around you might be going through.
His loss sums up ''perfectly'' 2020 where the pandemic broke, police brutality and racial injustice took a whole new other level and people were killed because of their colour. He surely didn't die for nothing; his legacy must live on and maybe this is the right timing for change....

"Press on with pride. Press on with purpose"
-Chadwick Boseman
Rest in power King

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